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Beauté à Porter was founded by Lily Gashi & Ellie Cabassa, native New Yorkers who have launched and operated some of New York’s most prestigious salons and spas for the last ten years. During this time, Lily and Ellie developed a reputation as the go-to beauty advisors for New York City’s most elite and high-profile clientele for their referral network of the top beauty and wellness professionals. 

Whether it was sourcing the expert brow stylist, or the latest skincare guru, Lily & Ellie knew what their clients were asking for and knew how to deliver. They understood that clients were looking for highly customized services, not a one-size-fits-all approach. They strongly believed that result-driven treatments required top-shelf, state of the art products and techniques, none of which could be found at any one location in New York.

Lily and Ellie sought to change that by bringing the top professionals together, dedicated to bringing expert, on-demand luxury bespoke beauty and wellness services to the most discerning clients, 24 hours a day. The duo of “beauty matchmakers,” as they came to be known, handpicked the crème de la crème of the idnustry to join their team, to be a part of the most exclusive beauty network in New York.

New York’s most distinguished 5-star hotels began to hear of their word-of-mouth network and Beauté à Porter was founded to meet the growing demand for customized in-room beauty and wellness services for hotel and residential clients. Beauté à Porter quickly became known as New York’s premier “beauty concierge,” working side by side with renowned hotel concierge.  

To date, Beauté à Porter has serviced some of the biggest names in entertainment, the famous royal families of the world, and of course, the most glamorous New Yorker’s. 


Our team is committed to delivering state of the art, expertly designed, result-driven treatments and services to help you achieve your highest state of well-being and beauty. Bespoke, or customized services specifically tailored to suit your individual needs are part of the core concept at Beauté à Porte

Every member of our team is highly trained and widely considered to be a leading expert in their field, and arrives fully equipped to provide our patrons with a highly customized and unique experience that addresses specific needs and concerns. We guarantee a seamless, professional service delivered by New York’s best in the beauty and wellness industry.

We pride ourselves on the confidentiality and security of our patrons, providing the utmost discretion and assistance that can be relied upon 24 hours a day. Quality, comfort and convenience combined with uncompromising excellence in our bespoke services are part of our core values.

Our highest mission is to help you look and feel your best.

We graciously invite you to experience Beauté à Porter’s exclusive world of luxury and excellence- where bespoke beauty is delivered.


Beauté à Porter currently offers the most advanced beauty and wellness services, performed by New York’s top industry providers. Our hand selected network of elite beauty professionals range from A-list hairstylists, celebrity makeup artists, skincare and massage therapy experts and more- all who hail from world renowned spas and salons and are widely recognized as the top professionals in their field.

In addition to meeting our strict standards, our licensed service providers undergo extensive training with Beauté à Porter to ensure that our clients are always receiving the most advanced, state of the art services.

Let our experts pamper you while you unwind with our customized, bespoke treatments designed to help you relax, restore and rejuvenate!


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